“Let Les Diamants Bleus

transport you into a magical world”

The finest luxury studded with precious and semi-precious stones
An icon of elegance and modernity,

Les Diamants Bleus have created a unique accessory.

Truly sparkling beauty

Welcome to Les Diamants Bleus’ unique, exclusive range of accessories.

It was our passion for beauty and our ambition to provide exquisite
items in a contemporary designer style which inspired us to create our brand.

“Diamonds”: symbolic for their power, rarity and timeless beauty.
“Blue”: Royal blue is our brand’s signature colour and an expression of serenity and wisdom.

A colour of which dreams are made of...

It decorates our compacts and their packages.

Les Diamants Bleus : 
“A homage to feminine grace and the art of elegant beauty”


les diamants bleus collection royale

Our jewelled compacts are designed for life, movement and travel.

Inside each one you will find a matching mini brush
so your compact is always ready when you need it.

Our exquisite


A unique combination of 5
natural precious and semi-precious stones

Our exquisite powder gives skin a soft, glowing quality
for a subtly luminous complexion.

The splendour of rubies, mystery of amethysts,
radiance of amber, purity of jade and
clarity of tourmaline add a touch of perfection to your glowing complexion.

Precious stones

for subtly luminous skin!

  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Jade
  • Tourmaline
  • Amber